Thursday, November 18, 2010

Armored bulletproof vehicles available!!!

Need that extra mobile protection in this volatile world? its all yours in any model and from the best in the industry. Just that you know, armored vehicles are specially assembled by professionals at ultra equipped plants. The original vehicle is stripped apart to allow ballistic materials to be installed. Assembly can also be based on custom request.
See some popular specs below;

Base Armoring Specification:
1. - Glass areas: Windshield, rear doors and side glass will be removed and replaced with bullet-resistant transparent armor multi-layer glass and polycarbonate inner layer to prevent fragmentation upon ballistic impact. Glass 39mm (Multi Hit), supplied by AGP to be used on all windows. Cargo windows and rear doors dark OEM, front windows medium dark. All transparent areas will be Level B6.
2. - Front driver side window (driver) will be operable to 4/6 inches.
3. -  Body: Doors, pillar posts, side panels, kick-panels, firewall, cargo compartment and headers (laterals) will be armored with ballistic composite material equivalent material or air hardened heat treated ballistic steel in accordance with defined standard of defeat. Overlap system used throughout NIJ Level IIIand EN 1063 B6 protection. Cargo are to be protected by means of secondary interior hinged flat glass with swing barn doors. Rear view mirror to be mounted on steel.
4. - Roof: Armored with ballistic composite material in accordance with NIJ IIIA EN 1063 B4 standard.
5. - Floor: Floor areas will be armored with multi-ply rigid ballistic fragmentation material toprotect against single German DM 51 or US M-67 grenade.
6. - Vehicle Structured Modifications: Reinforcement of pillar posts and hinges an hardened plastic door risers installed on all doors.
7. - Fuel tank: Ballistic fragmentations wrap level NIJ IIIA/B4.
8. Battery: Original replaced with an Optima® bullet-resistant battery.
9. -  Electronic control Module (ECM) ballistic protection.
10Wire meshes tailpipe protection.
11Locking Gas cap.
12-  Five (5) Run flat tire devices.
13Siren and P.A. two way comm. system
14-  Emergency Lights
    - Dual Ram Bumpers reinforcement     

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